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Tami Lancut Leibovitz

For the past 29 years Tami has been one of the key leaders in the world of Image, Manners & Etiquette in Israel. Tami followed in the footsteps of and was trained by the late Hanna Bavly – who is widely recognized as the number one expert in the field, and is credited with being single-handedly responsible for its introduction into Israel during Israel’s early history.

In 1985 Tami founded the Israeli Institute for Personal Image, Manners, & International Etiquette, and currently serves as its president. The Institute’s clients come from different parts of the business and diplomatic world, among them: diplomatic figures from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; political figures; Government officials; celebrities; and business leaders and managers of all levels.

Taking into account the rapid globalization of the world, Tami studied the culture, way of life, and professional mannerisms of almost thirty countries worldwide. The product of this research is Tami’s unique teaching method - the International Business Language Code, or IBL Code for short. The IBL Code addresses the need to train today’s business and political ambassadors in not only their own local arena, but the necessity of introducing them to different global cultures, customs, manners and etiquette so as to enable them to conduct themselves in an efficient and appropriate manner – creating professional, versatile, and globally aware key figures who can apply themselves across the world.

Tami has published five books and numerous articles, and she routinely takes part in both different radio and television shows. She was also the author of a regular column in Globes – the leading Israeli Business newspaper.

In addition to training her clients, Tami has recognized the need to further develop the field of Image, Manners & Etiquette in Israel, and as such also trains new consultants in the hopes that these values carry on and develop with Israel’s future generations.

Tami’s extensive international knowledge and activity over the years, coupled with an ever-increasing demand for current information on Image, Media, & Etiquette, have established her reputation as a leading expert in the field.