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Hospitality in the Business Lifestyle

Get To Know Each Other

Hosting a business event is an integral part of any job, and it presents an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the other side; to deepen work relationships; and to boost your or your business’ image.

Host a Business Dinner
Hosting a business dinner, for example, is a great opportunity to impress and be impressed – and therefore, it requires impeccable planning and execution. The more effort you put in to organizing such an event, the greater the rewards.

Thinking Outside the (Food) Box
Business events aren’t restricted to just food, and neither are they restricted to your (physical) place of business. While you may choose to organize a business event at a restaurant (or at your own home), you may also plan a unique and fun activity for you and your guests to take part in.

Formal or Casual?
Events in the business world can be separated into two categories – formal events, and casual events. Each of these requires its own set of customs, mannerisms, and rules of etiquette. Knowing and utilizing these rules will help define how the guests – and the host! – will be required to dress, act, eat, drink, and talk – and even define seemingly minute details, such as the seating arrangements.

The Workshop
We offer a thorough workshop, which will allow you to plan, host, and execute an effective business event. Topics that are covered in the workshop include:

In addition, we will explore the world of formal dining – or, “The Professional Dining Protocol”. Topics covered include:

The workshop is held either at a luxury restaurant or at a hotel.

The workshop is offered in three different configurations:

  1. One on one training at the TLL offices, followed by a guided meal at a luxury restaurant (two separate meetings);
  2. A two-hour presentation for the general public;
  3. A three-hour guided meal, including real-world hosting simulation.

More Details
For further inquiries and details, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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