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Understanding the “Dress Code”; Developing a Personal Style; Establishing a Professional, Respectable Image.

First Impressions
When we first meet a person, we instinctively judge them based on their overall presentation. Do they seem like a friend or foe? Are they an asset to us, intellectually and socially?  Are they worth our precious time and effort? All of these questions are answered in our head – mostly subconsciously – based on information we gather regarding their personality, behavior, attire, professionalism, and more.

Seeing as how a first impression is quickly achieved and its effect so substantial, it is of extreme importance that our external appearance convey what we wish to communicate about ourselves. In the modern world of business, nurturing our appearance is an integral part of our career.


We Live In a Competitive World
The clothes we wear send a message to those around us about who we are. We live in a competitive world – everyone in it is professional, talented, knowledgeable, and have skills similar to ours. It is not enough, in such a world, to have these relative advantages over others – we must shine above the competition from the very first moment we are presented with an opportunity to apply ourselves in a workplace.

The Workshop
As part of the workshop, we will go over the following topics:

In addition, we’ll discover the “Updated Classics” – The Global Trend in Multi-Cultural Business Attire:

The Workshop is offered in two different configurations:

  1. Personal one-on-one training, including custom styling and, if desired, a guided shopping experience.
  2. A two-hour lecture.

*The Workshop may be held at either Tel Aviv, Israel or New York, NY USA

More Details
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